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Head of the Program

  • Prof. Yoo, Sung-Sang


    Global Education Cooperation

    Research area

    International and Comparative Education


The Participating Professors

Internal Board



JIN, Dongseop (Professor, Department of Education): Educational Administration, Education Design, School Consulting, Organization Theories, Human Resources

JO, Yong-Hwan(Professor, Department of Education): Anthropology of Education, Qualitative Research, Multicultural Education, Comparative Education, Asia Pacific Area Study

Lynn Ilon (Professor, Department of Education): Lifelong Learning, International Development

HAN, SoongHee (Professor, Department of Education): Lifelong Learning and Learning Society, Adult Liberal Education and Human Competence, Global and Comparative Research on Adult Learning and Education

KWAK, Duck-Joo (Professor, Department of Education): Philosophy of Education, Global society and social justice, Development Ethics

SO, Kyunghee (Professor, Department of Education): the Dean of the Education Department, Curriculum Reform, Development of National Educational Curriculum

KIM, Dong-il (Professor, Department of Education): Learning and Behavior Disabilities, School Counseling, Test Development and Evaluation, Global Education Cooperation.

Yoo, Sung-Sang (Associate Professor, Department of Education): International and Comparative Education

Johannes Tschapka (Professor, Department of Geography Education), Sustainable Education

Kim, Jeong-Yong (Professor, Department of German Language Education): the Dean of Academic Affairs, German Literature, German Young Adult literature

Kim, Heemin (Professor, Department of Social Studies Education): International Politics and Education

Kim, Hyung Ryeol  (Professor, Department of Ethics Education): Political Philosophy, Global Citizenship Education, Globalization Social Justice

Kwon, Oh Nam  (Professor, Department of Mathematics Education): Fusion Math, Global Teacher Education(Math-Science)



Chung, Chinsung (Professor, Department of Sociology): Human Right of Women, Sociology of Women;Gender, International Organizations

Kim, Chong Sup (Professor, Graduate School of International Studies): Economics, Economics of South America, International Organizations & International Cooperation

Kim, Taekyoon (Professor, Graduate School of International Studies): International Development, International Political Sociology, Human Right and Development Cooperation

Han, Kyung Koo (Professor, College of Liberal Studies): Anthropology, Japan and regional studies, International Understanding Education, Peace Education

Kim, Bumsoo (Professor, College of Liberal Studies): Politics, Global Development Cooperation

Chung, Bong-Gun (Visiting Professor, Graduate School of International Studies): The Former Chief of a bureau, the Ministry of Education, Global Education Development Cooperation

Chang, Hyun-sik (Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration): The Former Director of KOICA, Social Policy, International Development Cooperation

Douglas Gress (Professor, Department of Geography Education), Economic Geography



Auh, Yoonil (Vice-President, Kyung Hee Cyber University): ICT&International Education Development Cooperation, MOOC, Global Citizenship Education

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Kim, Namsoo (Researcher, SNU Asian Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability), Sustainable Development Education

Jung, Bub-mo (Researcher, SNU Asia Center): Anthropology, Local Society Development, Culture of East South Asian Society

Park, Hwanbo (Professor, Chungnam National University): Educational Sociology, Higher Education, Africa Education Development

Kim, Jinhee (Researcher, KEDI): Multicultural society and Education, Educational Development Central South America, Lifelong learning

Chang, Ji Soon (Researcher, SNU Institute of International Affairs): Education Development Cooperation in East South Asia, HRD

Chang, Eunjung (Specialist, KOICA): Global Education Development Cooperation, Education Development in Asia

Lee, Ji-Hyang (Specialist, SNU  Institute for Global Social Responsibility): Peace Education, Education Development in Asia, university and social responsibility



James Jacob (Professor, (USA) University of Pittsburgh):
    - International and Comparative Education
    - Director, Institute of International Education Studies

Carlos A. Torres (Professor, (USA) UCLA):
    - International and Comparative Education, Culture of society and politics in Central and South America,
    Paulo Freire
    - Deputy Dean, GSE&IS / Director, Paulo Freire Institute
    - President, World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES)
    - Chair, UNESCO Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Agenda

Terri Kim (Professor, (UK), East London University):
    - Comparative Education
    - Editor, Comparative Education & European Journal of Comparative Education

Vinayagum Chinapha (Professor, (Sweden) University of Stockholm)
    - International and Comparative Education
    - Chair, Institute of Global Education Devleopment

Gregory Misiaszek & Lauren Misiaszek (Professor, (China) Beijing Normal University)
    - International and Comparative Education, Education for Sustainable Development,
    Global Citizenship Education

Shoko Yamada (Professor, (Japan) Nagoya University)
    - International Education, Education for Sustainable Development
    - Africa Education Development Cooperation

Kazuo Kuroda (Professor, (Japan) Waseda University)
    - International Education, International Organizations & Education Development Cooperation